✓ Maryland Responds Medical Reserve Corps
✓ Mental Health and First Aid Cert. Exp. 6/22
✓First Aid/CPR/AED Certification Exp. 5/21
✓ (2x) AmeriCorps Alum
Montgomery County, MD
Community Use of Public Facilities (C.U.P.F.)
- County Resident Representative 

Derek L. Ross

✓ (C.E.R.T) *Certification

Derek L. Ross
MudRunGuide Contributor
Sports Al Dente Beat Writer
RCSN Fitness Guest Writer

Fitness Brand Ambassador
OCR/Running Enthusiast

Derek L. Ross is focused on truly making an honest difference in his community.  While serving in two programs with AmeriCorps (Public Allies 2013-2014) (Playworks 2010-2011) Derek learned that by "leading by example" a person will undoubtedly see where their passion's are, and more importantly how dedicated they are to truly making a difference, regardless of their interest.  Derek believes that to lead by example, a person must become the example, hence his dedication to running races, participating in mud obstacle courses, and showcasing his AmeriCorps training while always taking the time to volunteer. 

Mr. Ross looks forward to utilizing his experiences and training's as he continues to develop into a caring community oriented neighbor.  Accepting a four year term in November 2018 as a Montgomery County Resident Representative Board Member for CUPF (Community Use of Public Facilities) is one heck of a way to get involved. By focusing on attaining certification's and joining various teams such as Community Emergency Response Training (C.E.R.T), Maryland Responds Medical Reserve Corps, FEMA, and CPR/First Aid/A.E.D.  Derek also enjoy's producing music (Soundcloud) and assisting with various video projects as an editor, or actor.  Enjoy looking around the website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact Derek.

After a strenuous weekend of running races Derek likes to relax with a cup of tea.  His preferred brand of tea is Davidson's Organics Tea.  The tea options hot or cold are amazing and tasty.  Derek appreciates Davidson's Organics for giving him an opportunity to be a Brand Ambassador.  Derek is extremely proud to be a Move More Fitness Brand Ambassador.  Obstacle Course Racing is a passion that Derek absolutely loves participating in. To be accepted into the ambassador program for Terrain Racing is another honor Derek will greatly appreciate. The opportunities to meet more like minded individuals and showcase his dedication to fitness through support from an amazing company is a chance of a lifetime.  Move More Fitness is a company that expects a lot out of their ambassadors and Derek plans to keep things moving and positive while supporting others.

Check back later for new updates to reallyderekross.com. There's much more to come!