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Getting Nervous, Understanding thy Body

Posted on April 24, 2018 at 12:55 AM

The past few weeks I honestly have not felt like blogging. I actually haven't felt the same since I had to miss my first "paid" race due to illness. Since I started my race mission, I've missed races, or declined to register due to various other issues. Issues such as weather, confusion on registration, and frankly not being bothered, all have been valid issues, I hope lol. But, never because of a sickness. I was a little disappointed in myself, me missing a race was like someone snatching the covers off me in the middle of the night leaving me cold and exposed. Just like any person who was confused about this unfortunate mishap, I wanted to get to the bottom of this. I immediately started questioning everything, did I eat something bad? Am I getting enough sleep? Should I be running this much?

I ended up going back to a question that has popped up for some time. Am I allergic to anything I could be eating? Running every weekend, doing some form of any kind of race is diffcult. Not because we can't do it, but because of what we have to give up. Drinking alcohol, 1 a.m. sleep times, 2 our workout gym sessions, yeah okay good luck with all those. Been there, done that, failed that. More importantly, the I can eat whatever I want attitude is the first to go. I've had to remove greasy foods, basically anything fried, meanwhile adding in a lot more greeny foods like salad. My water intake has gotten better, but I still don't think I drink enough. Lastly, and what I feared most was bread and milk. Bread, as in gluten was the last thing on my list that I was hoping I could hold on too. The whole carb load conversation is a rough one for any runner, since it is quite common. Milk was easy, especially drinking milk and eating ice cream. Side note, I enjoy soy milk, plus it has a lot of protein. But, bread though, sadly it had to go.

I was recently tested for Celiac Disease and my test came back negative, but since that test I have not had any stomach/integestion issues due to me saying the hell with gluten. Celiac Disease for those who are wondering is based on antibodies and the body fighting the compounds of gluten such as wheat. Never the less, I knew something was wrong and I would bet everything I have that my body has become gluten sensitive. I will continue to monitor my body, while being nervous about the results. But, it is an honor to be able to participate athleticially in anything. From checking myself on gluten, getting repeated check-ups, and going to the dentist. I've had to basically take my body apart and put it back together with better 2.0 pieces/mentality. Once my 2.0 focuses are good and a full body upgrade is needed, my goal is to understand my body, so I can be ready for another 100 races.

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